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WVABLE Fact Sheet

WVABLE Fact Sheet (Español)

Family Guide

Comparing ABLE to Special Need and Pooled Trusts



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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney (Español)

Diagnosis Form for Licensed Physician

Incoming Rollover for ABLE to ABLE

Incoming Rollover for 529 College Savings Plan to ABLE (direct)

Incoming Rollover for 529 College Savings Plan to ABLE (indirect)


Manage Monthly Withdrawals

Add an Authorized Legal Representative

Remove an Authorized Legal Representative

Change of Authorized Legal Representative

Payroll Deduction Form    

Payroll Deduction Guide  

Entity Authorized Legal Representative Establishment

Entity New Account

Change of Name   

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WVABLE Savings Program Overview

WVABLE Workshop Series hosted by WV Developmental Disabilities Council & Disability Rights of WV

Session #1: WVABLE Workshop: Enrollment Walkthrough

Session #2: WVABLE Workshop: How to Use your STABLE Account

Session #3: WVABLE Workshop: Expanding the Availability of STABLE Accounts through Organizations and Entities – Entities as Authorized Legal Representatives

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