What happens after the death of a beneficiary? Is there a Medicaid payback?

After all outstanding bills for any Qualified Disability Expenses are paid, which may include funeral and burial expenses, the remaining balance will become part of the individual's estate and normal probate process.

WVABLE accounts are not subject to 529A claims against the beneficiary of a WVABLE account for total medical assistance paid after the establishment of an account by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

However, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources may recover payments from the estate of Medicaid beneficiaries only as required by Section 1917(b) of the Social Security Act and WV Code §9-5-11c. Those impacted will be the estates, age 55 or older, whose nursing home and/or community based waiver services were paid by Medicaid. The estate recovery may include the remaining STABLE account funds. For more information on the West Virginia estate recovery process, please go to www.wvrecovery.com.